venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

Just because some guy made an impression
doesn’t mean he was it for you.

If you want the truth - the real truth - I don't know why you still cross my mind sometimes. 
You made an impression - just like the quote says - and that should be it, an impression and nothing else. 
Yet you're all over my thoughts, my heart, my soul or whatever. 

I bitch about you sometimes. 
Yeah, because I'm the type of person who bitches about almost everything and anything. 
I bitch about you but I can't completely let you go because I'm still hung up on you in some twisted way.
How unfair is it all of this? 

I was only a little girl and you ruined me for everyone else. 
Hold on, it's not necessary to inflate your ego more than it already is. 
Let's just say that you played alongside the worst people I ever met in my whole life to tear me apart, piece by piece. 
Are you happy now?

I'm kinda a snarky type of person, my words are always dripping sarcasm and more often than not my mother tells me to tone it down. 
Easier said than done. 
I think there's only a burning anger inside of me, under all the pretenses of a sweet and caring type of girl.
And it burns, it burns, it burns.

Another truth is that I don't really give a shit about anything around me.
I'm selfish, I'm a liar when it comes to people snooping around my personal life because I can't even bear the thought of intimacy with another human being.
What all of this tells about me? 

I've been hurt in so many different ways I'd rather be completely alone for the rest of my life before letting someone else near me ever again. 
I simply don't trust people.

So yeah, I bitch about you but it doesn't mean I still don't think about you every now and then. 
It doesn't even mean that I would let you come back into my life.
I think about you but probably I'll let you burn in flames before my very own eyes. 
That's how much I hate you these days. 

You Me At Six are one of my favorite bands in the whole world. 
I usually remember the one song that made me fall in love with an artist, but in this very right moment I don't remember if it was Save It For The Bedroom or Gossip.
I do remember though it was its demo version, not the one released in Take Off Your Colours.

Anyway it doesn't really matter now, just know I loved them from the very start. 

A few days ago their fourth album - Cavalier Youth - was released and I've been listening to it since then. 
I really like it, I like it more than Sinners Never Sleep maybe 'cause it reminds me of the sounds of Hold Me Down, the album I prefer the most in their discography.

While I was listening to Cavalier Youth's tracks, I came across Forgive And Forget's lyrics and it was like a punch in the guts the way that song made me think about you.

Let's forget what was said and give pain a rain check
Like before, when we stood tall over our callous sins.
See, all of your demons became my demons
On your front line I fought.
But we're oceans away, our glory days, went up, went up in flames.

And I, don't remember a thing.
And I, won't remember a thing.

We're getting close to an end now.
That was never in doubt
We used to talk for hours but you don't hear my voice now.

Can we forgive and forget
If only for the weekend.
Can we forgive and forget
If only for the weekend.

Ain't it a shame that, we let life change us.
We broke our promises.
Cut to the chase , don't keep me waiting
On why these good times fled.

Yet, I know perfectly well how I'm absolutely incapable of forgiveness. 
It's not worthy of a shot or a second chance. 

On air: You Me At Six - Wild Ones

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